Centripetal Flowers, Hearts and Columns

“Labyrinth is challenge, mystery, hermetic, conversion of finished to infinity (through repetition), and also the idea of ​​transcendence. From a visual standpoint, Lucan’s Labyrinth centripetal may be considered a flower that absorbs the viewer by suggesting kinetic effect. Laying of forms in concentric circles, which tend to turn out into squares, is creating a certain magnetism. Unstable equilibrium of plans and fully closed contours that define the static effect is amplified by each form in hand, floating in different layers of canvas. Suggesting potential energy is the viewer out of inertia. Labyrinthine image desired, by color, flower archetype and at the same time, a mandate. Effect leads to collapse inward iris placed in the center, which polarize the whole energy.”



* from the original „Centripetal Flowers, Hearts and Columns” – author: Mihai Plamadeala

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