Romanian Painting (right) after 1990 (I)

“Painting unified in my life, predisposition to theorize and satisfaction to materialize, both trends with which I identify. In the ’90s, I worked hard, with pleasure and dominated by a thirst to know, even at the risk of falling into extreme. Some years were full of contradictions, in which the general confusion was given even by freedom paradoxes. For me to paint beyond the vocation, was and is an existential stake.
Personally, I tried to get away as much as possible, through painting, from present times and places. I was interested in the time before time and surreal space, other than the surreal and romantic well known movements. I wanted to escape, but not finding the mechanisms to do it, I was rather experimentalist. I was looking for reasons and issues, solutions and techniques. I’ve never reconciled with the idea of ​​being “modern”, to argue with world, although sometimes I was doing this. I was concerned about the double nature of things. How work can be compared to jazz music; I offer myself a wide discretion in a logical and coherent system of rules. Working with arbitrariness and chance is else than entropy.”


* from the original „Romanian Painting (right) after 1990 (I)” – author: Mihai Plamadeala

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